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Tailored Solutions for your Patients, with Positive Outcomes

Enhance Patient
Access to Care


Covered Service
up to $1,400 per year

Initiate Your Practice with RPM – Zero Upfront Costs, Maximum Impact


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Our turnkey solution simplifies the process of getting your clinic started, effortlessly. Our clinic specialists will organize a 25 minute training session & gather all essential information to initiate referrals.


EHR Integration

We provide multiple options to connect with your EHR to streamline order referrals, clinical documentations & billing claim reports.


Enroll Patients

EHR integration to seamlessly enroll your patients. We’ll enroll your patients, provide the devices and  onboard to ensure a smooth experience.


We Monitor & Respond to alerts

Our clinical team triages and follows up on alerts and abnormal readings, escalating as needed and keeping you informed with actionable data.


Stay on top of Finances

Skip the hassle of preparing billing summaries. We provide clear, monthly reports with personalized support.

ProWellcare physician report

Unlock the Full Potential of RPM:
Boost Reimbursement & Simplify Billing with Our Experts.

This is a covered benefit for both the device and clinical monitoring time each month. We meticulously track all details, simplifying the processing for your biller.

Streamlined Reimbursement Support – – Clinical Documentation and Billing Codes for Timely Payments

Our clinical team monitors and tracks data, ensuring HIPAA compliance for top-tier cybersecurity. The information is seamlessly delivered to your EHR, supporting claims processing.

Clinical Monitoring

CHARMS is a web-based platform designed for monitoring patient health vitals, observing patient condition & providing real time intervention (if needed) by the ProactiveWellness staff.

The Clinical Monitoring offers:

Enhanced EMR
24/7 Monitoring Staff
Real-time Patient Data Management
Active Intervention from VitalCare Sync Medical Staff
How Physicians Use RPM Now During a Patient's Visit

Physicians get complete access to their patient’s results in real-time allowing them to be able to quickly and easily access important information about their patients. 

Real-time Patient Vital Results
Patient Compliance
Medication & Test Updates
Detailed Reports
24/7 Real-time Monitoring
Remote Monitoring Devices

ProactiveWellness offers a broad spectrum of smart integrated devices that monitor a patient’s condition in real-time, transmitting vital data to the Command Center and mobile apps for Patients, Physicians & Guardians to review.

These devices track and monitor patients’ vital signs, such as blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen saturation and temperature from the comfort of their home.

Hypertension Control
Diabetes Management
COPD Control
CHF Management
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