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Personalized care management plays a pivotal role in achieving superior health outcomes, especially for individuals dealing with chronic health conditions. RPM provides targeted interventions and ongoing oversight to address poorly managed biometrics, while CCM delivers routine holistic support and education with personalized strategies for comprehensive well-being.

Chronic Conditions and Programs
Our Devices for Hypertension Control
Hypertension Control
1- Identify your patient population struggling with HTN control
  • Utilize to enable near real-time BP monitoring.
  • Enhance patient adherence to prescribed treatment plans.
2- Our clinical team triages, educates and delivers timely interventions, notifying you with actionable data
  • Implement RPM for early detection of BP fluctuations.
  • Facilitate timely interventions to prevent complications and frequent hospitalizations to achieve your financial goals.
3- We are an extension of your office and follow your plan of care.
  • Our clinical team will help reinforce your prescribed POC.
  • Improve your patient outcomes by addressing their specific contributing factors.
Our Devices for Diabetes Management
Diabetes Management
1- Routine Blood Sugar Monitoring
  • Daily data allows for routine education.
  • Improve patient adherence and empower proactive control.
2- Early Detection, Intervention and Prevention
  • Detect blood sugar fluctuations and identify causes.
  • Facilitate timely interventions to prevent complications and hospitalizations.
3- We Follow Your Plan of Care
  • Our clinical team will help reinforce your prescribed POC.
  • Improve your patient outcomes by addressing their specific factors that contribute to poor management.

CHF Management

Why leverage RPM for CHF?

1- Early Symptom Detection

Identifying early signs of deteriorating heart function in CHF patient can be challenging.

How RPM Helps:
RPM allows continuous monitoring of vital signs, enabling early detection of symptoms such as fluid retention or irregular heartbeats.
This timely information helps doctors intervene promptly to prevent exacerbations.

2- Medication Adherence

Ensuring patients adhere to their prescribed medication regimens can be difficult.

How RPM Helps:
RPM provides a mechanism to track medication adherence remotely. Doctors can receive real-time data on medication intake, enabling them to address non-compliance issues promptly and adjust treatment plans as needed.

3- Individualized Care Management

Providing personalized care plans tailored to unique needs of CHF patients can be complex.

How RPM Helps:
RPM tracks key patient biometrics and allows for trend analyzing and individual responses to treatment, allowing providers to adjust care plans in real-time, optimizing patient management strategies.

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